iCTF and Plaid CTF

We also attended the last iCTF and Plaid CTF.
For the iCTF we met as usual at Cased and hacked a lot until we got hungry.
To regain our hacking capabilities we ordered some Pizza and hacked even more!
We had some cool hacks and made it in the into the best third.
Some writeups may or may not follow.

funky glowing grill

As the Plaid CTF was jeopardy style over 48h we started each ourself at our favourite hacking place.
At Saturday some of us met at the hackerspace of favour and we hat much fun at our hack and grill party.
(the pictures are pep’d (privacy enhanced pictures) through bad lightning conditions)

We finished again in the upper third ranks and writeups may or may not follow.

A local follow up meeting for whom attended and will discuss solutions and issues will be announced soon on the mailing list.

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